Teeth whitening using the “Beyond” system

We often pay attention to our diets – how many calories we consume, whether our meals are healthy – but do not think much about the effects food has on our teeth. Tea, coffee and smoking are just a few of the many reasons our teeth lose their whiteness. Belldent surgeries in Kraków and Katowice offer teeth whitening using the Beyond system. This method involves breaking up of stains into smaller particles and oxidation using a special gel, which under the influence of the Beyond light unit quickly penetrates the tooth structure. The use of a gel developed to work with the Beyond light unit reduces sensitivity of teeth after whitening. The procedure takes about 45 minutes, but in order to be able to perform it, it is necessary to prepare the teeth. All decay should be dealt with and teeth should be scaled and sandblasted. After treatment, the teeth can be up to 5-14 shades lighter. The effect can last from one to three years, and how long it lasts depends on eating habits. Various studies have shown that teeth whitening using the Beyond method is 30% more efficient than other systems. For a longer lasting whitening effect, our dentists recommend avoiding foods such as red wine, coloured juices or beetroots. Smoking is definitely not recommended. Regular brushing with whitening toothpaste is advised.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our price list and the full range of services Belldent offers. This effective treatment will for sure improve the aesthetics of your teeth, boost your confidence and make you smile more often. No home whitening treatments – pastes, gels or lotions, even with a very long and regular application – will make the difference a qualified and experienced dentist can make.