Paediatric dentistry

Teeth need correct care right from the moment teething begins. Therefore we have created surgeries specially adapted for children in our dental centres in Katowice and Kraków. To start with, we offer a familiarisation visits, during which children get to know the environment and their dentist. Parents and their children also receive guidance on proper oral hygiene. Individual approach to each of our little patients ensures a stress free and relaxed visit and a friendly atmosphere.

Paediatric dentistry begins with teething check-ups to watch out for and treat possible irregularities. Later, we offer treatment of milk teeth and the erupting permanent teeth. Paediatric dentistry also includes prevention of tooth decay and correction of malocclusion.

Our services include full range of prevention treatments: sealants, coloured fillings, silver nitrate treatments, varnishing.

Painless, stress-free and fun! Dentists in Kraków and Katowice invite all children!