What is endodontic treatment?

Endodontic treatment involves diagnosis and treatment of diseases of pulp and periapical tissues. The main method we use in our Kraków and Katowice Belldent dental surgeries is root canal treatment under a microscope (i.e. microscopic endodontics). The procedure involves removing the contents of the pulp chamber and the pulp. All treatments in the field of endodontics are carried out using a rubber dental dam which provides a clean treatment environment. Then, the canals undergo chemo-mechanical preparation: they are cleaned and shaped using rotary devices while being washed out with appropriate liquid disinfectant. After such preparation, our dentists fill the root canals with a special material in liquid form (gutta-percha), which penetrates into all root branches and the interconnecting smaller canals. This makes a root canal treatment of this type much more effective than other, traditional methods. Using a microscope makes these procedures much more accurate and, therefore, the treatment more effective. After the root canal treatment, the dentist proceeds to rebuild the tooth with a dental crown or other forms of reconstruction, depending on the need. A properly treated tooth should serve for many years to come.

Endodontic treatment is lengthy and requires specialised dental equipment, appropriate knowledge and skills. Our dentists who treat patients in cities such as Kraków and Katowice, are very well prepared, both in terms of the best equipment and their professional skills. In addition, they attach great importance to root canal treatment, as a correctly treated root is a natural implant which can be later used for prosthetics. Microscopic endodontics carried out by our dentists is professional and painless. Moreover, the treatment price tailored for our patients means root canal treatment under microscope has never been so accessible and hassle-free. Come and see us in our clinics in Kraków and Katowice