Dental surgery

Dental surgical procedures are not limited to extractions of diseased teeth or wisdom teeth. Dental surgery covers a variety of treatments and, as an independent speciality, supports other areas of dentistry, including periodontology, endodontics (root canal therapy), prosthetic dentistry and implantology.

Dental surgery treatments carried out at the Belldent clinic include hemisection, frenuloplasty, and root resection in single- or multi-rooted teeth.

Thanks to the Belldent clinic, professional dental surgery in Kraków and Katowice is no longer a problem. In our dental surgeries we offer patients comprehensive surgical care by qualified professionals. Treatments of this type are often perceived as unpleasant and painful, but our qualified, experienced dentists do everything they can to carry out dental surgery as quickly and as painlessly as possible. This is possible thanks to the modern, professional equipment Belldent uses, high quality anaesthetics and excellent qualifications and skills of our dental surgeons.

Thanks to modern equipment we are able to carry out complex, advanced dental surgery treatments, monitor the progress and results. The treatments take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Each patient is thoroughly familiarised with the treatment plan, informed about the possible consequences and individually prepared for surgery. Thanks to Belldent, all the terrible childhood memories disappear and seeing a dentist is no longer a problem. Moreover, modern dental surgery, practised in our clinics in Kraków and Katowice, makes it possible to save teeth affected by various pathogenic processes. Tooth extraction is no longer the only solution. With the comfort and needs of our patients prominently in mind, we use all possible ways to make extraction the very last resort.

Some of the procedures we perform:


A procedure performed on broken and damaged multi-rooted teeth, consisting in removing one or more roots.


Cutting of the too short or too thick part of the connective tissue attached to the gums or the posterior upper lip.


The treatment removes parts of the root affected by inflammation.


The procedure involves removal of teeth growing incorrectly (due to lack of space in the mouth or incorrect position).


.Removing a tooth using specialist tools