Our passion is taking care of our patients' beautiful and healthy smiles.

Our team consists of experienced dentists who perform even minor dental procedures with the highest precision, using their skills, knowledge and modern treatment methods. Each patient is treated individually - we keep their needs and their time and financial constrains in mind at all times.

Comprehensive, professional dental care in Kraków and Katowice

Our goal, in addition to, of course, providing effective and satisfactory treatment is to develop in our patients a sense of security and confidence so that a dental appointment becomes a stress-free meeting with a medical professional who helps to solve many problems.

We offer comprehensive dental services our Kraków and Katowice surgeries including: sandblasting, microscopic root canal treatment, teeth whitening, dental prosthetics, dental implants.

Comprehensive, professional dental care in Kraków and Katowice

Comprehensive, professional dental care in Kraków and Katowice

We offer a comprehensive and professional dental care in clinics Belldent in Krakow and Katowice. The team of dentists graduated of the Jagiellonian University.


High quality of services

Our dentists take care to maximise patients’ comfort and deliver fast and lasting treatment. We give one year guarantee for fillings and prosthetic work.

Modern dentistry

 Belldent dental surgeries are equipped with modern, high quality dental equipment. Our dentists use the most up to date treatment methods during all dental procedures.

Flexible treatment plan

 We develop an individually tailored, optimal treatment plan for each patient, taking into account their time and financial constraints.

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